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Change management for Unitarian Universalist congregations

Institutionalism, including process, volunteer management, and more

Learning Types and Their Needs, an essay from 1999 which was reprinted in a different form in Essex Conversations (Boston: Skinner House, 2001)

Meditations, prayers, graces for use at home, along with words for lighting a chalice and songs to sing

Music resources with links to sheet music of copyright-free hymns

Readings for Worship Services including opening words, affirmations, responsive readings, benedictions, etc.

Rites of passage including child dedications, weddings, and memorial services

Stories for liberal religious kids, some intended for use in worship services, some intended for use in the classroom

Treatise on Atonement, my 2021 Web edition of the classic 1805 book on Universalism by Hosea Ballou.

A small selection of resources from my old Web sites, going back two decades or more.