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Resources for liberal religion and progressive spirituality

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Resources including: change management; child dedications, weddings, and memorial services; meditations, prayers, and graces; responsive readings; stories for liberal religious kids; and more.

Blogs, giving direct links to both my major blogs, as well as links to representative posts

Selected sermons provides links to three sermon texts, and two audio recordings of some of my recent sermons.

Sermon archive contains nearly all my sermons from 1995 to the present. As you might expect, while many of them are pretty good, some are pretty bad, and some of them I simply no longer agree with.

Curriculum vitae

A brief professional and personal introduction

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Elsewhere on the Web

Do All Religions Share a Common Thread? an essay published in the UU World magazine in 2010. Astonishly, as of May, 2021, this book review had over 50,000 unique page views, the second highest number on the UU World Web site.

General Assembly reporting: Between 2002 and 2012, I volunteered during General Assembly as a reporter for UUA.org. Here's a small sampling of the nearly one hundred GA articles I wrote:

Yet Another UU Curriculum Site, with in-progress curriculum resources used at the UU Church of Palo Alto.

My articles on Patheos, a Pagan blog — and though it’s not accurate to call me a Pagan, as a Transcendentalist I’m definitely aligned with Paganism and other earth-centered traditions.


Treatise on Atonement, 2021 Web edition of the classic 1805 book on Universalism by Hosea Ballou.

See my book Web page for the following books:

  • My reader’s edition of A Treatise on Atonement, print version with indices
  • Liberal Pilgrims, my history of religious liberals in New Bedford, Mass.
  • Unitarians in Palo Alto, 1891-1934, my forthcoming book on early Palo Alto Unitarians

“A Cold Shoulder for William Jackson,” chapter in Darkening the Doorways, ed. Mark Morrison-Reed (UUA, 2011)


My videos on Vimeo, mostly stories for all ages that I produced in 2020-2021 during lockdown.

Index to my story for all ages videos


Ten podcasts produced with Joe Chee, doctoral student in educational technology, which are aimed at volunteer religious education teachers.

A screen grab from a video, with Dan in a suit and tie apparently standing in front of a red velvet stage curtain, with a title overhead saying You Bet Your Life.

A screen grab from one of the 50+ videos I wrote, filmed, edited, and sometimes acted in, for online worship services during the first 16 months of the COVID pandemic. A few of the videos were fairly conventional, with me reading a story, but most involved people traveling back in time, trips to alternate universes, a community of talking stuffed animals, and more. In the video screen grab above, I'm the announcer for a parody of the old game show You Bet Your Life.


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Environmental impact: Last time I checked, Website Carbon Calculator says this Web page produces approximately 0.02g of CO2 each time you view it.