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Volunteer Job Description: Sunday school teacher

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To promote the spiritual growth and transformation of the children of ______. Sunday school teachers engage in a teaching ministry with children that emphasizes fun, religious identity, community, and learning.

Time frame:

As a teacher, you commit to serving as a part of a teaching team for either the fall term or the spring term. Teaching teams divide up weekly responsibilities so that you will be with the children ten times in a term -- four times as lead teacher (where you prepare and lead the session), and 6 times as an assistant. For the weeks you are leading a session, plan on two hours of preparation and one hour with the children on Sunday morning. For the weeks when you are assisting another lead teacher, plan on one hour with the children on Sunday morning.

Statement of Accountability:

As a teacher, you report to and are supported by the Director/Minister of Religious Education. Additional support comes from the Religious Education Committee and the Parish Minister.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Benefits and opportunities:

All volunteers who work with minors must agree to and sign the Code of Ethics.

Reference checks and/or background checks will be requested of all volunteers working with minors.

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