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Volunteer Job Description: Lay minister

Rough draft only. See notes on this form here.


To help provide pastoral care and support for members and friends of [Name of Congregation].

Time frame:

As a Lay Minister, you commit to attending monthly 1-1/2 hour meetings of the Lay Ministry Team. You commit to spending 2-3 hours a week doing basic pastoral care. You also commit to serving as the main contact person for the lay minister team amonth at a time, on a rotating basis with other Lay Ministers.

Statement of Accountability:

As a Lay Minister, you report to the parish minister, as well as to the Lay Ministry Team. Ultimately, you are responsible to the Board, and the Congregation.


A Lay Minister may undertake some or all of the following responsibilities, as his/her time and interests allow:

All Lay Ministers should take on the following responsibilities:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Benefits and opportunities:

All volunteer Lay Ministers should be aware of their special responsibility to uphold ethical and moral standards as a lay minister. Knowledge of child protection and other safety issues are required of all Lay Ministers.

Reference checks may be requested of any volunteer working with minors.

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