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Volunteer job description samples

Experts in volunteer management suggest that volunteer jobs should have job descriptions. The theory goes that volunteers are more likely to take their commitment seriously if they have a well-thought-out job description. In addition, a good volunteer job description lessens the likelihood of unnecessary conflict by laying out accountability and goals. Finally, patterns of volunteerism are changing, and today potential volunters are likely to want to know what kind of a commitment they're making.

Please note that these volunteer job descriptions are samples only, and must be customized for individual congregations. All material in this section should be considered provisional.

Committee member job descriptions: Those serving on committees may not need a volunteer job description if the committee has a specific charter that lays out accountability and goals (but it is a rare committee charter that gives a realistic time frame, and the committee may wish to make their own volunteer job description using the blank template). Some theorists assert that Boards should develop their own job descriptions, if the Board as a whole deems that necessary.

Blank template
For creating custom volunteer job descriptions.

Lay Minister
Draft only.

Youth advisor
A sample volunteer job description for a youth advisor.

Sunday school teacher
A sample volunteer job description for a church school teacher.

Sunday school teacher, young children
Similar to previous volunteer job description, but in some congregations they teach more Sundays (they are available during some intergenerational events), and may be asked for a full-year commitment where other teachers volunteer for a semester.