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Staff evaluation form I

This form belongs in the public domain.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Valhalla

For use in annual reviews of program staff, salaried staff, and/or staff working half- to full-time.

Date of year under review:
Other sources of feedback:

The staff member and his/her supervisor should each fill out this form, keeping in mind the mission statement and goals and objectives set by the congregation. They will then meet together to share their reviews, and the staff member will write up the formal review which, upon agreement, the supervisor will sign. A copy will be placed in the personnel file.

1. How well did I fulfill the goals that we set for the year? (comment on each goal)





2. Questions for reflection:

A. What programs / projects / achievements meant the most to me in my work this year, and why?

B. Where do I feel that I grew the most in my professional goals?

C. What has or has not been helpful in my relationship with my supervisor, with other staff members, with the lay leadership, and with the congregation?

D. What theological / spiritual issues have emerged in my work this year, and what have I learned from them?

E. What areas in my work performance do I wish to improve next year, and how will I address them? How can my supervisor, the minister, other staff members, the lay leadership, and the congregation help?

F. Are there changes in my job description or in the structure or nature of my working relationship that I would like?

G. What are my specific goals for my work next year, including projects and programs?

H. Do I continue to feel that this position is a good match for my interests and goals?


Staff member [signed]: __________________________

Supervisor [signed]: ____________________________

Date: _______________________________________