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Session plan form, for planning Sunday school

This form belongs in the public domain.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Valhalla

Age group: __________________________
Date and Time: _________________________

Your name: __________________________
Your co-teacher's name: ________________________
Today's topic: __________________________

Goals and objectives

What is the overall theme for this season? Circle one:

Fall — Unitarian Universalist Identity
Winter — Our Jewish and Christian heritage
Spring — Wisdom from the world’s religions
Late spring — Eco-justice project

What (is)(are) your educational objective(s) for this session?

How will you know that you and the group have reached your educational objective(s)?

Activity plan

I/ What will you do to “set the stage”? (see this section in the Teacher’s Manual.)


II/ Opening (see this section in the Teacher’s Manual) ______ minutes
A. Sharing circle
B. Take attendance

III/ Middle (see this section in the Teacher’s Manual)
A. Introductory activity ______ minutes



B. Activity ______ minutes



C. Activity ______ minutes



D. Activity ______ minutes



E. Activity ______ minutes

IV/ Clean up time ______ minutes

V/ Closing Circle (see this section in the Teacher’s Manual) ______ minutes
A. Closing reading or closing words:



VI/ Snack ______ minutes


Total running time for class: ______ minutes
Estimated starting time: _____________
Estimated ending time: ____________

Materials and prep:

Materials needed for class:



Preparation needed for class: