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Memorial service

Below you'll find an order of service for a typical Unitarian Universalist memorial service as I would lead it.


Ingathering words


[possible hymns include: #101 "Abide with me," #336 "All my memories of love," #27 "I am that great and fiery force," #96 "I cannot think of them as dead," #412 "Let hope and sorrow now unite," #411 "Part in peace," all from Singing the Living Tradition. Also useful is "Turn, Turn, Turn" by Pete Seeger, in How Can I Keep from Singing.]


[For more traditional services, one reading could be the 23rd Psalm -- contemporary services may draw on a wide range of readings by humanist, pagan, and Christian authors.]


[For more traditional services, this may end with the Lord's Prayer -- for contemporary services, this may be called Meditation or may be simply a time of silence.]

Musical interlude

The story of a life

[The story of the deceased's life. This may be written by the minister, based on conversations with family members; or the story may be told by a close freind or family members; or by including short reminiscences by 3-5 family members and friends.]

Remembrances by family members

[The minister may ask those present if they would like to share memories, or this may be reminsiscences by family members when the minister tells the story of the deceased's life, or this whole section may be omitted entirely.]

Closing hymn

[Optional -- see above.]

Benediction / Closing words